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Now, despite the fact that many builders have paid off debts, received funding for active sites, their findings will add to market a new offer after a year or two. Construction – solid matter, the limited terms of technological cycles. Central america shines more light on the discussion. So, in front of us waiting for a new 'space'. At the secondary housing market situation is no better. No make-up supply from the primary market (And will soon appear in the correct amount). From the market goes dilapidated property. Such housing before buying reluctantly, now interest in him falling all the time. Buyers understand in what parameters should be invested, and what does not.

And a significant part of primary, secondary and meters will withdraw from the market state. The Government has set itself the ambitious goal – in 2010 to provide housing for all military personnel, veterans and even some social groups. This is a huge array of apartments – about a hundred million square meters. And these parameters the government wants to buy as cheaply as possible (and some already acquired). Therefore, the whole of 2009 virtually no help developers from the state, and the banks had extended an informal, but not a strict requirement to lend to builders.

Came to power late understanding that is unprofitable to cut the branch on which you sit. After construction industry – the locomotive of the entire industry. And then there was routine 'incentive' to support builders and even allocated specific funds. The government is actively and unsuccessfully lowers mortgage rates. That As for the short term, the bottom of the housing market has already passed, and the most educated investors have already made their purchase. However, buyers should not get upset. The fact that this market has a very low degree volatility. Real estate is very inert, and therein lies its advantage for conservative investors (and less risky for speculators and stock players). Unlike stocks, currencies and other instruments, real estate 'can not' in a matter of days or even months to get cheaper or more expensive to tens of percent. Thus, the demand far exceeds supply level. However, not all demand solvency. The crisis has hit the nascent in recent years fifteen middle class. In this light, the most effective way to stimulate demand, for example, the primary market – the mechanism of installments for the purchase of shares. In the secondary market is the same mortgage with a 'long arm' (20, 30 years) and as small as possible down payment. This situation determines the nature of demand: the popularity of contemporary quality accommodation and the average standard of planning in business class. Old Fund customers are less interested in, regardless of price. Temporarily cool luxury real estate market: a spacious layout with premium active interest back later. now the best time to buy non-movable. Prices rose, but only slightly, and is clearly seen from the developers who survived the crisis. According to experts, significant growth in prices per square meter will start this fall.