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Credit cards may be issued by companies, firms, for example, store or oil companies to ease the purchase of their products by consumers. And credit cards may be issued by third parties, such as a bank or company to provide financial services to consumers and are used for purchase of goods and services from other companies. There are two types of cards – credit and payment. These credit cards like Visa and MasterCard allow the consumer to pay their monthly minimum purchases with interest charges on unpaid balance. Payment cards such as American Express, require the consumer to pay for all purchases at the end of the billing period.

Consumers also use bank cards to obtain personal short term loans (including the issuance of Cash at bank card “ATM). Those who issue credit cards, receive income from the stores that accept their cards and by consumers that use them, and from consumers interest charges on unpaid balances. At Rudy Giuliani you will find additional information. The company Diners Club became the first producing credit cards in 1950 when they released a map, allowing to pay food in 27 restaurants in . In 1958, the Bank s America (American Bank) released map BankAmericard (now it is called Visa), the first bank credit card. In 1965 g.lish 5 million cards were in circulation by 1996, U.S.

consumers had nearly 1.4 billion cards, which they annually paid for goods valued at 991 billion dollars. Development credit cards had an incredible impact on the economy – have changed buying habits by simplifying them for customers and by reducing the level of savings (t.k.potrebitelyam not need to save money for large acquisitions). Oil companies, machine manufacturers and retailers have also used the cards to promote their products and services using credit as a way to encourage consumers to buy their goods. Concern was expressed with regards to the widespread distribution of bank credit cards to consumers who may not be able to pay their bills, with regards to large losses and theft of cards, inaccurate (and bearing losses) credit record; high levels of interest on the unpaid balance, and excessive encouragement of consumer debt, reduce savings in the U.S.. Improving the technology easier to use credit cards. Merchants are now connected with the bank via a modem, so purchases are confirmed quickly, and the virtual shopping can pay by credit card. Companies engaged in credit card now experimenting with the introduction into circulation of smart cards, which will act as a small computer, storing account information and other data required for use. An alternative to credit cards is the debit card that is used to write off the account the prices of goods and services directly from the balance sheet of the bank customer.