Crying Industrial Capitalists

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Lotter between gnashing of teeth and Mommy call fiscal stimulus in times of superstition Hamburg/Bonn/Berlin, March 2, 2009 that runs public spectacle of high boiling economic crisis according to fire one editor Wolf. In the Centre the greed stand after State subsidies, to save the good old days of industrial capitalism in the 21st century. A vibration of the psyche was visible at the corporate executives: the inability to become aware of his own flaws, costs more than the billions that are distributed by the allies of the Manager, the politicians. A Bugbear is rebuilt, alarmism preached, instead of searching for ideas and solutions\”, Lotter criticized in the introduction to the focus theme business\” the March issue of fire one. A distorted picture of the reality of the economy become a celebrated, as Stefan Homburg, Professor of public finance at the University of Hamburg, noticed: the industry is collapsing, is true, but it is by far not as important as it is perceived. \”.\” For him, it is a contemporary form of superstition. Accompanied by apocalyptic crisis forecasts and confused economists a unique opportunity arises in an election year: the State can out simply in a charitable manner exorbitant sums of money, which does not belong to him. When the crisis ends, Lotter wonders.

Say the industrial groups and their accomplices: they don’t know. The chasm is deep, endless. It’s a good trick by alarmists,\”writes Lotter. Therefore, only a few would grumble when be bought in enormously expensive bailouts of outdated economic structures with tax increases. It was pure mysticism. The State as an accomplice of the whingeing industry bosses accompanied all even with large-format ads in daily newspapers. Master short-time working\”the crisis, according to an advertising campaign which will be launched at the time of the federal employment agency and the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).