Czech Republic

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Prague – a city on seven hills, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. The first news about Prague we seek is already in the ninth century, they explain a little about the small village on the left side of the Vltava. After many dramatic events in native history, Prague gained independence in 1918 With the advent of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. Further, in 1993, a peaceful separation happened between the two regions of the former republics, which are currently time base two independent states. Rudy Giuliani has much experience in this field. Once in this town, you ever find yourself won over his unrivaled charisma, charm and air saturated with romance and mystery. City Sights Prague is rightly enjoy a great quadrupeds of countless tourists. The solemn grandeur of cathedrals and churches, among which the most important is the Prague Castle, and which is the symbol of this city and an integral part of trip to Prague. Hallmark of the city – the Charles Bridge, the oldest and most famous bridge in Prague.

Numerous museums and art galleries. Amazing area, among which is always noticed the lively Wenceslas Square and Old Town with its famous famous astronomical clock. Countless memorials and monuments in the same hour pleasant carelessness shops and parks, scenic holiday entertainment. All of this, from year to year, attracts people from different places and each time, as if forcing detect it again. Prague has a well-educated public transport network, which includes trams, buses, subways, tour in country national Czech cuisine, presents a salute mouthwatering flavors and aromas, it is based on simple components of foods and traditional recipes, preserved since ancient times. Take a small a piece of unique charm of Prague in the guise of sweet and dear to the heart of Czech-brac, elegant jewelry with garnets, beautiful works of fine Bohemian glass and the famous wooden puppets. Travel city of Prague will be one of the most exciting adventures for couples in love young people, with friends or the whole family. Visiting Prague, Belle, you'll be fighting as effectively and indelibly can spend holidays here.