Czech Republic

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Choosing the right edge or Prague – then district of Prague – see the list of schools that belong to the Prague. If found on the internet city schools or the area where planning to live, and read their descriptions, the next step – a personal relationship with the leadership of the school upon arrival in the Czech Republic. The process of entering all the same individual. It all depends on previous assessments and prospects student. Before going to school, it is useful to dial a telephone number the office and agree to call your name and class, which comes when you want to come to talk and write the name on who will communicate. Schools usually close for a period of lessons and the 'vratnitse' will have to tell where you are going and for what purpose, to let you in pomeschenie.U all gymnasiums and schools, there are open days (many schools – in February). Does a Czech schools attention to the study of languages? English in the game and unobtrusive way your child will be given to any 'core' school. Typically, the second class is added to a second foreign language selection yazyk.V gymnasium can be more – for example, 3 to choose from.

Does the Czech Republic, the Russian-language schools or classes? If the school is a Czech, a Russian classes there likely will not (especially in the outback). Some schools have found the teaching of Russian as a foreign language. In Prague there are several schools with Russian language teaching (private), including gymnasiums, and 2 Ukrainian schools (secondary schools and grammar school).