Dairy Plant Registration

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No matter how difficult process at first glance not seem registration mark, but in reality it is only “the tip of the iceberg.” Does often happen that Rospatent “makes good” for registration, and after a while begin litigation – as so often happens when the market appears brand, which clearly “decimated” by its competitor, not necessarily in tune with the title, we can talk about the palette of shades and colors used for packaging products. Danny Meyer has similar goals. Not so long ago, a year ago ended with a similar trial between the two producers of oil – the holding of “Monolith-Agro”, which specializes in the manufacture of butter and spreads under the brand “Krasnobakovskoe” filed a lawsuit at the JSC “City Dairy Plant”. According to the plaintiff, “City Dairy Plant” has flagrantly violated the law “On competition” in that it uses for its oil, “Kulebaki” wrapper, very similar to wrap butter “Krasnobakovskoe.” The Federal Antimonopoly Service has been on the side of the plaintiff, and ruled in favor of the Monolith-Agro. source of information. According to statistics, in most cases, illegal Use of trademarks is seen in such industries as light industry, food pharmaceutical industry, as well as in domestic instrument. A trademark may be the cause of litigation, even in the When a product name matches the domain name is registered to a third party. For example, already has a classic case of JSC “KAMAZ”, which took nine years for the domain name to sue kamaz.ru. Continuing to develop topic of domestic car industry further sin will not mention the company AvtoVAZ, which is now suing for domain lada.ru.

Plans to appeal to the courts and Zil, intending to return the domain zil.ru. In this case, the inescapable fact that Own brand was carried out registration of a trademark does not imply that the domain name be transferred to him without fail, so often the parties resolve the dispute before the court – the price issue can characterized by several thousand dollars. Another hot topic is the old Soviet brands. Twenty years ago it was common, including the brands, there was the concept of “trademark” in the modern sense of the word. Today Rospatent forced to decide who is from the manufacturers to “give up” or that Soviet trade mark, with the fiercest battles are taking place around vodka brands.