David Beckham Soon Actor?

2020-12-21 - 22:26 | News | Tags: , |

According to reports, a role in the movie “Australia” to get David Beckham. He is to play a simple worker there. But why just David Beckham? It was everything about Nicole Kidman, because she was impressed when she saw David’s upper body for the first time. The report to follow, the team would agree: “Nicole is firmly convinced that David Beckham is the best person for this role. The Director, Baz Luhrmann, would agree. David Beckham just a small role would take over, but still, Nicole hopes that he decides for the role.

“The somewhat hapless at the moment footballers, who plays for the team LA Galaxy under contract, will have to let yourself go probably this offer by the head. The film “Australia” is about a young woman (Nicole Kidman), who fell during the second world war in a man (Hugh Jack man). The problem of this relationship is that the woman is an English aristocrat and the man is a simple, Australian workers. Only a few days ago BBs woman was also David Beckham Victoria offered a role in the new sex and the city movie, but she had to cancel for the time being this role, because she is too busy with the new tour of the spice girls. Become the Beckham BBs an actor family? We wait… Lisa Walters