Don Pepe

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" I believe that Don Pepe was right, must be weak ". When noticing itself that nobody was watching it raised the tree. A little cost to him until finally it could reach the indicated branch. I watch and saw a small bird almost strengthless, thought that perhaps it would be thus for want of food. Its glance was sad. Then that occurred to account was another problem, it did not have anything of food to give him! One took the blame of that negligence and it thought about which could do. " And if it took the bird to me? Equal nobody will give food him, and much less I will mount in this branch like.

Good, I will do only by this time ". One get ready to take hold the bird when account occurred that their pens slightly were stained of blood. It alerted that one it. A moment vacillated, but it returned to try to take to the bird between its hands and it did thus it, but very delicately because the small bird was wounded. Angel knew to have well-taken care of in this situation, in fact related what it was happening to those times in which took books with very delicate leaves between its hands, when visiting one that another bookstore of streets above. It lowered with well-taken care of of the tree. It maintained the bird between its hands to give the greater possible heat him and one went to its small department. When arriving it looked for some site where to put the bird.

It did not have a cage far from it, a bird was the latest that wanted like mascot, to particularly pleased him plus the cats and had one in house called Kookie. He was dormiln and allowed. Finally it found an old box of shoes, inside it put a piece of fabric and there it sheltered the bird.