Edgar Morin

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The French author goes to base its concept on Petit author Robert, who defines mstica: ‘ ‘ Close union with the beginning of ser’ ‘. Learn more at: connecticut. ‘ ‘ After that Morin of the other definitions: ‘ ‘ In the monotesmos, this principle God and mstica disclose by means of almost extticas contemplations of the Being The holy ghost, or for a deep communion with Ele’ ‘ . We can perceive that in a religion monotesta where if it believes in one alone God. The mstica experience if of the one through contemplations, but that this way of mstica is a relation that does not have movement with the holy ghost with this is that an almost stopped experience. It also detaches the author who this mstica experience if of the one through the communion with the holy ghost.

It cites examples that it says itself made an impression with the mstica of varies personalities Christian and not Christian it cites sister Faustina, a Pole who talked with Christ and the Virgin. But it feels itself touched by Tereza d’ Avila: ‘ ‘ I feel myself touched by Tereza d’ Avila, who weaveeed a love relation intense, also in the physical direction of the term, with Jesus’ ‘ . We saw that it standes out the mstica importance of Tereza in the direction of a relation of love of proximity with Jesus who arrives to be reality, that is, physicist. Beyond this encantamento with the mstica of Tereza, Morin also standes out the mstica of Is Joo de a Cruz mainly the mstica poetry of the saint it describes lines of the poetry the one that evokes the obscure source: ‘ ‘ Its origin, I ignore, it I do not have none..