Edson Silva

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By being such well of goodness, judged and condemned for the hypocrisy it people, the young woman is ironizada and antagonized in the city. The situation prevails until the day that the city runs the danger to be verwhelmed by two a thousand cannons of the enormous one Zepelin that pairou between clouds, under the command of a showy one, feared and powerful commander. The seen inaquality motivates such warrior to opt to the destruction, explosion, to transform into ' ' gelia' ' all seen horror and iniquidade. As in the life everything it has however, would prevent the drama if he was compensated by the formosa lady of the place, in the case for it: Geni people had woman as vulgar and not it believed what it heard, was still more terrified when to know that Geni, that they had as the one whom any gave pra one, had as secret to be maiden. It had brio and whim and to lie down with somebody so noble and rich, it preferred until loving with animals. Ahead of what it considered heresy, the people makes pilgrimage and then cursed Geni he passes to be bajulada as bendita. Between the beggars so that it saves the city joins bishop, mayor and banker, this offering a million.

Before upon request so ' ' sinceros' ' , so ' ' sentidos' ' seeing that the city that did not receive it well, but that it in such a way loved, ran serious danger, Geni dominated the loathing and delivered the warrior to it, as of – to carrasco of the death. Fulfilled the treatment, the commander leaves with the silver-plated Zepelin and its cannons. The alliviated laugh of Geni and the attempt at last to rest with sensation of having fulfilled, after so ungrateful task, is interrupted by new pilgrimage of the citizens, not in gratefulness, but to antagonize the young woman, after all the danger had past, in clearly a gesture of ungratefulness. Leaving of Chico Buarque, the art imitates the life and vice versa. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br/