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It can be compared them as pillars for the goal of unification and globalization of the interests of the nations. Still, it can be understood them as solution for the complicated problems of a period of transistion of the humanity, passing of the phase of ' ' juventude' ' for the one of adult. Disarmament and Establishment of the Peace! On Bah&#039 disarmament; u' llh wrote to all the kings and governing, encourages, advising them with regard to the establishment of the peace; becoming evidentes, for clear and convincing tests, that the happiness and glory of the humanity could only be assured through the disarmament and of the will. For this end, It exorta in such a way the leaders as the members of the society: ' ' If vanglorie who does not love the native land, but yes who loves the world. The Land is one alone country, and the human beings its cidados.' ' 8 In the vision of Bah' u' llh: Through an agreement generality, all the governments of the world must be disarmed simultaneously. It would not give certain if one was disarmed and others opposed to make it.

The nations of the world must concur ones with the others with regard to this subject of supreme importance, of form the one that can abandon meetings the deadly weapons of human extermnio. The more a nation increases its military budgets, other nations is forced to this insane competition, to protect its presumptions and natural interests. 8 It is lamentable that: How many thousands of human beings have left its works in useful industries, to work day and night in order to produce new weapons, still more mortal, that can make the blood of the race to flow more copiosamente. Each day a new bomb is invented, or a new explosive, and then the governments if they see debtors to abandon its obsolete weapons and to initiate the production of new, therefore the old ones cannot compete with the news The surprising cost of everything this must be absorbed by the defenseless masses.