Euro Devaluation: Mexx Lowers

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Euro devaluation: Mexx lowers MEXX Switzerland, the local offshoot of the internationally operating fashion company as the first fashion companies in Switzerland the prices Zurich, August 30, 2011, fashion industry, first company of the Swiss, responds the drastic devaluation of the euro and lowers its prices from 1 September 2011 at an average of 15 percent. Already last spring, MEXX responded to the low euro rate and corrected the prices for the autumn and winter collections by an average 18 percent down. Thus the price reductions compared with previous year total total to over 33 per cent. The currency discount passed of all franchise stores and almost all MEXX distributors to consumers. After the past few weeks several Swiss retailers such as Coop and Migros responded to the continuous devaluation of the euro and the resulting debate regarding the price discrimination on the part of international suppliers, the global fashion company MEXX to lowers its prices in the Switzerland average another 15 percent.

Already last spring, MEXX responded to the low euro rate and reduced the prices for the autumn and winter collections in an average of 18 percent. The current situation, in which importers retained currency gains, reluctant clear”our corporate philosophy, explains Roy Mor, head MEXX Switzerland. Despite a holistic prices average more than 30 percent compared to last year, MEXX of convinced that due to the current situation, the recent price adjustment in the long run makes sense. This has to do with fairness to our loyal Swiss customers ultimately”, so MOR next. Distributor of MEXX go along with the current price reduction is done in consultation and in close cooperation with the distributors of MEXX. In addition to the franchise-MEXX shops all major fashion houses, as well as nearly all other partners have agreed, to pass on price reductions by MEXX directly to their customers. MEXX operates in the Swiss market for 20 years and want to with these Measures of loyal and satisfied customers directly share the monetary profits.