Eva Martinez

2015-02-03 - 15:06 | News |

To my cost me accept it until that time we had not lived just with migrants, foreigners were from the North and they brought money, that made them respectable, even trying to imitate them-, I knew that we were raw but didn’t think that we were so viscerally racist and xenophobic. I think that many well intentioned of my generation had fallen into that error. It is therefore so important la otra mirada. The incisive, vibrant and sharp poetic Silvia Cuevas-Morales enters as a dagger in our sensitivity, many even annoys them, there is nothing harder that accept the reality of ourselves. But as Celaya, taught us if it is bitter truth have to take by mouth, and if your gall touches the soul, hide it is foolishness. Cambalache classmates who have edited the book are not fools, otherwise, working every day very glued to reality, to the everyday, analyzing and promoting change, to the improvement of this world, in this historic moment that we live. From their cooperative and open to the other project, publishing very interesting texts documenting such as this which occupies us Rodare cursing, present from the critical vision which illuminates us and shows the direction in which develop our vital projects. Eva Martinez in a brief and poignant text exposes the philosophy, emotional and deep from the simplicity and clarity of the committed speech, identifying the editor group in a prologue that also is art.

Silvia Cuevas-Morales is not limited to offer their literary reflection but it also illustrates the text with the painterly look, through the street graffiti has been collecting photographs of the walls of the cities, from passers-by his Madrid neighborhood of Lavapies, anchor point for so many walls of his family cherished city of Melbourne, in Australia. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. I rodare cursing is one of those gems, unfortunately difficult to access because of editorial Dynamics cornered by the multinationals. The printed version, the book itself, has been in the self-managed printing La Cooperativa in Asturias, has been carefully maquetada by designer Amelia Celaya and distribution deals the network of Traficantes de suenos. This book is important to close that make us think and do not let us forget.