Executive Board

2021-10-28 - 05:11 | News | Tags: , |

Over 60 types of meat from around the world are cooled to 4 Celsius and by DHL package sent”. And how it looks actually with the food safety controls for fresh produce from the Internet? This topic is discussed by the representatives of the European food control for a long time. The Federal Office of consumer protection and food safety (BVL) proposes a central coordination point for Germany. Its task should be to identify the provider of food on the Internet and to make the control authorities of the Lander. Also, the Central Office to track food, which endanger the health of consumers or mislead the consumer. The concept will be tested in the course of the year in practice.

But it does not always directly on-line ordering. Digital technologies open up new possibilities within a supermarket? On PC-balances of the latest generation of serving counters, for example, not only pictures, videos and product information, but also as a QR code appear in the future. The Bizerba scale manufacturer and the online portal in Mynetfair have together thought out. Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of the Executive Board, explained in a report by world online: during the sale of a matching red wine can become on the scale displays, for example, the fish recommended. The customer scans the code, so it is forwarded directly to the website by mynetfair and there receives detailed information to the respective articles or other, appropriate types of white wine”. Information about more than 540,000 products in the product database by Mynetfair are now online. All projections indicate that the Internet boom and the multi-channel trend related will go on unabated and stop in the foreseeable.