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With this offer, the GQA supports the employer who is obliged according to the work safety law (ASiG), to appoint occupational safety specialists. Quality testing indicates that service provider participating in this process: a skilled and practical support in the companies performing on the necessary legal conditions respects and provides the time required in the context of the requirements. The quality test is personal and aims to bring about a constant optimisation of knowledge and action of occupational safety specialists. This inspection are criteria, which are oriented towards the following laws and the documents: safety at work law (ASiG) 0 Supervisors are on the GQA-Technical Advisory Board in the design of the test criteria. In a positive test, the audited entity demonstrate that it meets the requirements of the supervisory institutions. A GQA-documents approved companies, what is really important.

There are many quality management systems, but none is as industry-specific as the seal of approval of the GQA. If you are not convinced, visit NYC Mayor. The GQA-are experienced experts that focus exclusively on the area of occupational safety and health when assessing quality Auditors. A GQA-certified company creates transparency inside. At the GQA-quality testing operational procedures are analyzed, documented and optimized also with the advice of the Auditors. The entire company benefits from these processes. A GQA-certified company shows profile and competence. The GQA-seal of approval can be used for promotional purposes. Thus, the company documented competence – an important advantage in acquiring customers.

At the same time, departments have a transcript, of the Underlines the competence of occupational safety specialists, legal certainty in the company creates and relieved executives. Founding the GQA the GQA was founded on the basis of a framework recommendation of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs from June 30, 1995. Was established in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMWA) occupational safety and health authorities of the countries of the Federal Republic of Germany (LASI) Hauptverband of der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVBG) Association of accident fund e.V. (BUK) Federation of the agricultural BGS (BLB) Federal Association of German employers (BDA) German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) and the Association of German occupational physicians and company physicians e.V. (VDBW) Gitte Schorn