First Cultural Encounter

2016-02-18 - 19:11 | News | Tags: , |

A true marathon of musicians and ayseninos composers was the result of the First Cultural Encounter of Regional Artistic Groups that organized Saturday 14 of Defending February the Grouping of the River basin of the Murta. From 7 and the average one of afternoon and to spent the midnight of the Day of the Enamored ones, as much settler with the locality as visitors of other zones of Aysn they met to enjoy music of the Patagonia. The president of the organization, Ninoska Side, described the activity like ” everything a success. We begin with the group Country of Villa Hill Castle and finished with the finishing touch that was Bitter Mate, when they were more of the 24 horas”. It added that ” people are with many desire to continue with this type of initiatives, since it was the first encounter.

We hope to follow future doing this with more gente”. In spite of being realised east weekend parallel activities in the zone, like the encounter of Port Sanchez and Port Tranquilo River, they calculated in 150 people who attended the activity. Of this form they went presenting/displaying interpreter Naara Gonzlez, the accordionist Lalo Sandoval, Patricia Alarcn and Vernica Muoz with poems of its responsibility, the payador Hernn ” Loco” Hernez, the set Mapu Guilln de Cochrane, the pair ” Pair of Chocos” made up of Richard Seplveda and Jose Aguilar, finishing with joint Bitter Mate, everything brightened up by pairs that went to the scene to dance the rates patagones of chamam, the ranchera and others. Ninoska Side explained that one of the reasons for this encounter went to realise a tribute to the water. ” Hopefully that the water is always for us, for the ayseninos, and it does not have to be for the companies of outside, and that by money must sell all this. And hopefully that we reclaim our waters and that we also maintain always our seal of quality, that is water, air and earth limpia”. Although they were considered in the programming and they had confirmed its presence, they could not concur the regional cantautor Alonso Nez and the group Southern Inspiration.