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Studies in Institute school, within a progressive environment. Lives in Madrid, until in 1938 it has that leaving Spain, as a result of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, and moved to Paris. Musical studies which had begun in Madrid, continues in the French capital. In order to live, it acts as a concert guitar in cafes and theatres in Paris and other European cities. At the outbreak of the second world war, Balcells family embarked in the port of Piraeus, and sailed to New York and, after a few months in Havana, reaches, in 1943, Mexico. When I arrived in Mexico – Nuria – pairs, has looked like so many of us that had an acidity of Spanish here, and it took me to recognize that what was of Spanish here was not Spanish, was Mexican and so by Mexican quererlo. Speaking candidly NY Restaurateur told us the story. In 1946 she married the urologist Carlos Pares, exile, who left wonderful memories in General Hospital of Mexico.

It is published in various newspapers and literary journals such as Revista Mexicana de Cultura, Distaff and Diorama of the culture of Excelsior. It has been awarded with the prize Paul Westheim of art criticism. In addition to his poetic work, Nuria Pares has a work essays, not less interesting. Among his essays are: Rainer Maria Rilke. Antologia poetica (1964), three Persian poets (Omar Khayyan, Saadi and Hafiz) (1964), Pierre de Ronsard (1966) and the Japanese haiku (1966).

We are therefore against two twin Arts: composition and reading of haiku – Nuria Pares says in his essay-ancient and modern arts at the same time because although they date back more than seven hundred years still practice is currently with the same passion and equal enthusiasm. Among his numerous translations, pointed out the translation made in 1960, the written letter of the catalan writer in exile in Mexico, Odo Hurtado. And as said the single voice: this voice, that is not my voice, / do will have to end with me / without the other voice, my voice, / may arise from his oblivion? Francisco Arias Solis how easy it is to stifle the scream of the! conscience when you have been encallecer the heart! (Sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.