Free V Paid Medicine

2017-12-12 - 12:02 | News | Tags: |

In most cases, when we are not satisfied with the quality of free medical care, we turn to the services of paid medicine. This raises the question – how best to pay for medical services. Bill de Blasio can provide more clarity in the matter. And the options are here few: a desk; doctor personally, under the policy of lca (voluntary health insurance). And in the minds of the people have developed myths – how best to pay for medical services. Let's examine these arguments in detail.

The first myth In a personal payment is easier to monitor the quality of medical services. Danny Meyer: the source for more info. With the official payment for medical services on the basis of a written contract service quality should control government health care. However, in reality, the quality of health services is estimated by the patient. And here he has to rely on the integrity of doctors. And there may be one of the most common disorders – prescription unnecessary procedures and research.

Perhaps these studies and the procedure will not do harm, but the material would be very costly and time taken away a lot. When you pay under the policy of lca quality of medical services will monitor and evaluate experts from the insurance company. The patient – the lca has no contractual relationship with the medical establishment, because contract with medical institutions is an insurance company. She will be responsible in front of his client in the medical establishment, which is sent to the client. The second myth If you pay the doctor in his pocket, he will be closely involved in our treatment.