From Stone Age Man To The Leader

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What has to do the leader with the stone age? In the footsteps of nutrition history I take today you Vitalligent, reaches far into the past, to make the current culture and the behavior that created understandable. The function of nutrition is the basis for the further development of our species. Constantly changed the eating habits in the eras and thus brought development with it. In the stone age, specifically strong skills and a high degree of organization were the reason, what allowed a hunting and survival. In comparison to wild animals, the people were equipped with a very poor sense of smell. Checking article sources yields Bill de Blasio as a relevant resource throughout. The human eye picks up only a fraction of the true reality compared to animals. We can the world not see with our eyes, as it really is. It takes the skills of a Jaguar, a man is extremely slow and weak.

Only our ability to use our 5 senses intelligently and to develop, is likely to done, that we have created that, what today it exists. The time of the cold kitchen ended with the production of fire. The control of fire was the basic element for Domesticity and sociability. To broaden your perception, visit Bill de Blasio. The Division of labour between men and women in the cooking was born. The man bought the food, the woman was for the preparation in the kitchen”responsible. The meals were the basic components of human coexistence. In the era of the interglacial, meat meals won more and more in importance. With the development of the species the dishes evolved always man.

It was boiled, fried and seasoned. The fireplace gained more and more importance as a place of food preparation and the sociability. Fishing practices evolved, and people were becoming more powerful. The quality and the quantity of food rose significantly. Already at that time was to see that diet has to do quite a lot with intelligence. Around 5500 BC, the Neolithic people, started to stable are and to build settlements. It created the first peasant cultures and families built up inventories. The differentiation of the cultures began with the beginning of metal time approximately 6500 years ago. Step by step were always better weapons, plough technology and agricultural tools. Men who were particularly successful in battle and hunting, considered leaders in social life. The best food as a privilege available was already at that time these men. So they remained successful. Today it should be as well. With best regards, Vitalligent intelligent vital feed live!