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Decorating a baby nursery can be one of the most pleasant tasks that you have before your bundle of joy arrives. There are many baby nursery themes to choose from and reduce it to only one can be your most difficult decision. Contact information is here: Danny Meyer. Many parents know the sex of the baby at the time of adoption of a nursery for a baby or a baby item. If you do not know the sex of your baby there are many combinations of colors that are gender neutral such as periwinkle and celery green. Or maybe you’d like a neutral theme with beiges and creams.

You can choose and all white room with just splashes of color on the accessories that can be changed to suit your child grows. Once you choose your topic and begin the task of decorating your nursery do not forget these essentials;? Cribs – Your baby will be using the crib for two or three years, but if you want to use longer, and then choose one of the many convertible cribs on the market. These beds range from the crib to a toddler bed, to bed a small child, with just some quick changes. Of course, you buy a crib that is certified as safe. NY museums contributes greatly to this topic. Most cribs on the market today will have that certification. Changing tables? choose a changing table that matches your decor, but as with cribs safety is important. The picture you choose should have safety straps and bars to keep your baby from falling off the table. And of course, the changing table should have a soft pad to keep your baby comfortable while changing diapers.

Storage – determine how much storage space you need. Then choose baby furniture such as wardrobes, dressers, chests blanket and toy boxes that blend with your decor. Be? Of course do not forget mom (or dad) and choose a comfortable chair or glider rocker that will be great for evening meals or when singing a lullaby to baby. After the item is collected and the essential elements for fourth was decided, we can begin to choose the accessories such as carpets, curtains, wall decor, wallpaper and paint. Just remember when decorating your nursery baby keep it fun! This is your chance to do things they would not do in the rest of your home. Start with the essentials and then go for it! Valerie DuVall is a professional decorator in New York metropolitan area. Visit their website for more tips and great resources for