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Because as we see Yes, he is a highly useful and even necessary part of our human nature, who has his berechtigte PoSItion in the process of becoming ready. It is so helpful to observe where the process temporarily come to a standstill and how I support can buildings up on its mobility. All qualities of each stage of the process are equally good and equally important, but if I me too long stop in one of the qualities that I interrupt the flow of vital, and sometimes painful consequences this may have. So, I have the task of establishing a certain sensitivity, which allows me to apply the appropriate mode for the richtigen time, the experience of as being to enable and to increase the chance. Gain insight and clarity with dayton . We keep us Yes, but mostly in the thinking mode on, or at least longer than is necessary in the interpretation of our experience to stek-ken. This prevents as already mentioned, we comprehensively present that are so emotionally present take part in life.

“The model thinking feel be” shows us the direction of the movement and what we can do in the case of a temporary shutdown to get back in motion. If we arrest in thinking mode, lacks a US willingness to feel and the ability to be in the here and now with us. Feelings to admit, so at the moment touched something that we lack, and which we can enrich our experience is, then. Also on other levels and other issues we often stay rather mildly feeling and thus prevent the pure being. We’re apparently in our GeFuhlen fixed, and the development process is also prohibited. The model shows us then, where we are and where the trail would go. We have a feeling, and this feeling wants to turn, want to transform themselves, would be easy. And that means that we have to admit it, that it turns into this, in what it wants to transform so into what it really is in its essence. Only then does feel his communicative order “meets and can make us into pure being” Guide and accompany.