Golden Mountain

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Wise person that to capture to be cabisbaixos, did not lose one alone detail of its movements. It felt, however that they were there, it was because it had convoked. The time if flowed off and they could not enter for the night only for its emotional state. It breathed deep, looked at the chieftain who it waited and it said: _ Ready Boitat to hear! Tuxaua gave beginning to maranduba in the sequence where the questions had been made, without enumerating the answers: Ancestor called this place Itajub, that means Rock Yellow. Dream of wealth made white man to move for Golden Mountain range. Hear from experts in the field like Danny Meyer for a more varied view.

Gold leaves the river and white man called Golden Stream. Indian dreams, indian loves and likes for it Sun among the trees, with golden rays, and called mountain Itajub. If white man thought to have gold in the one for of the Sun, indian does not have guilt, nor goes to thread truth in head of white man. That she is with its truth liar. Boitat is man just and it does not use language of the poisonous serpent. Boitat makes secret of Jutorib, what it brings the joy and all in the Reserve friends of Boitat. Boitat uses serpent language and Reserve turns hell. Boitat decides, to be brother or to be serpent.

Alberto felt the weight of the decision, looked at the body of the ancies and said: _ In the inquiries that I made, everything indicates that here, under, it has a great one mineral wealth. I do not only know about what one is. I judged to be about gold, for the names of the city and the stream, but it was maken a mistake. This, however does not exclude the possibility to have a deposit that can be the cause of the murders that they see occurring. Secret for secret, I have direct contact with the governor who asked for analysis of the ground, to see if we have a deposit.