Great Carlos

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In Light on the average age. Sintra: Europe America, 1981. Pp. 95 106. 1 Until century XI before the sprouting of the universities, the schools monacaisbastante recognized and considered the best ones of the time, with melhoresestrutura and professors.

They are located in the spread monasteries pelEuropa, far from the rebulio of the new emergent cities. Initially, tinhampor purpose the formation of monges and new professors clergymen in regimen deinternato. However,> monasteries, had to the demands of the time, go abrindoescolas external with the intention of the formation of laypeople. The schools monacaisreceberam many lay children of important noble families and children degrandes traders. In these schools they had studied eminent figures of the mundomedieval as the king Luis the merciful one. He is in them that the grandesbibliotecas meet, important monges copistas and great thinkers of the time, queconstroem the base of the medieval thought. 2 These as the proper name already says is tied with a bispado diocese or. Socomandadas for the bishop and thus, as the monastic schools, were consideradosgrandes education centers. Many of these on schools the cathedrals setransformaram in university, as of the cathedral of Notre Dame. 3 Is oldest of the ecclesiastical schools, retracing to century II. From then on they after go if multiplying and Concilio deLatro of 1179, if they spread out for all the places of the Europe, therefore this decrees aobrigatoriedade of all parish to have a school. In them if it learned the primeirasnoes of grammar, Arithmetic, geometry, music. It aimed at to the learning daleitura in Latin, the education of the salmos and general slight knowledge of the Christian religion. Erauma education directed toward a Christian formation. 4 Established by Great Carlos next to its cut and in its proper palace, will serve demodelo to the other schools that will go to appear especially in France.