Green Virtual Offices

2015-09-27 - 03:48 | News | Tags: , |

When it comes to times of crisis, the best is the reduction of overhead costs to survive in the midst of an economic difficult environment, so you can choose to rent a virtual office, with which you will save not only costs, but also in energy, issue which has an impact on the preservation of the environment. Current technologies make it possible to communicate with the other members of the team at any time. In addition, capabilities such as file sharing and travel and work documents save time and energy. Moreover, with the adoption of virtual office procedures respectful of the environment and the offer of a new infrastructure, which allows the establishment of a more green approach to a business, providers of virtual offices allow a virtual office teams be within a schema with proven success. The advantages of working from home may seem obvious: greater flexibility, freedom and opportunity to be a virtual family. Even perhaps has more benefits than you’ve not thought, such as: environmental benefits by not having to drive a vehicle, in addition to the air pollution. Reduction of traffic congestion. Jewish Communal Fund will not settle for partial explanations.

Saving time, money and petroleum derivatives. Reduction in the level of stress by not having to drive in the middle of the congested traffic and then having to return. Live a more balanced life. The business world is in a unique position to opt for the green. Due to the constant evolution of technologies, Internet connectivity and mobile devices, the business world is able to function with greater efficiency, less paper and a minimum of physical resources. Virtual offices are without doubt an important component of the ecological transformation of the business world and it is having a positive impact in this area. In fact many companies are finding greater productivity and cost savings via the virtual office scheme. This trend causes the rental and maintenance of physical office space to pass to second term.

Virtual offices can be used by any company, big or small, it doesn’t matter, since it is a scheme that allows savings in public services and passages, by employees. In addition, according to the number of employees in your Office, you can delete several cars of those who will not go to work every day. This will allow employees working from home and significantly reduce your transport costs and increase their productivity. The level of productivity increases in a virtual office because employees are in their family environment and save time, since they do not spend on transport. To eliminate the concept of physical Office, companies get rid of all that these offices involved, since only needs enough power to run the computer. Paper consumption becomes negligible and the individual and collective health benefits are enormous. Should also take into account the benefits to health and productivity increased, besides that the Office use virtual it reduces highway congestion and saves money for both the employer and the employee. Many companies are eliminating the need for a physical Office and also the lease, electric light and the maintenance of that space.