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Mexico lived 70 years in which, in a simplistic manner, has been called a party dictatorship; the reality is more complex since the Mexican Revolution, to quickly degenerate into a mere struggle for power, only could find peace and avoid the total destruction of the country, through an agreement of the forces in conflict; that resulted in a power-sharing in the territory and in time, i.e. in a row of scheduled waiting for access to power (both nationally in the figure of the President of the Republic, as in the of Governor of the States that make it up), symbolized by the contradictory phrase effective suffrage, no re-election. To ensure compliance with agreements, gradually formed mechanisms of power which, as corporativism, pooled interests in structures organized and controlled vertically, which in its ves controlled institutions under the directive of the President in turn. The figure of the President means is head of State and head of Government; regardless of the General in Chief of the armed forces and eventually, according to insistent versions, head of organized crime. In any case the same organization of the Covenant is compatible with a mafia structure, that is called the revolutionary family. Raised in this way, it would give the false impression that the President reaches the absolute power, if however must understand that groupings of power, at the same time are guarantors of the Pact of succession which are interested party; without also ignoring the existence of the interests of the United States; that he was guarantor certainly overlapped in their own interests. In fact are hone system and effectively worked near half a century; power forces were grouped into an adversarial party (some would say dialectical), even in its final designation as institutional Revolutionary Party, which can be interpreted as a discrete Congress, formed by three confederations (clearly differentiated by their interests and trend from left to right in the political framework), with whose heads the President consulted his initiatives, before submitting them to publicly constituted bodies. . To read more click here: NYC Mayor.