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But the shallowness of it led to that in 1998 Ortiz of Zeballos and Guerra Garcia issued the cost benefit analysis of the rules book. Although some laws were prepared by consultants who used AED; as for example the General Law of traffic and transport, the process of adoption of the new Civil Code. in the judiciary, unfortunately the influence of the AED is practically non-existent; since although the AMAG (Academy of the Magistracy) incorporated it, it is almost nonexistent in the judgments, already operate under the idea very bold idea that it is not in the record is not of this world prevents them see more beyond of the dossier. VIII. LA MAXIMISATION, RATIONALITY and efficiency in the AED-is the triad that resume: to) the maximization.-is the best use of scarce resources (existing, B) the rationality-is the analysis and action prior to the problem. Learn more at this site: NJ barista.

(C) efficiency.-According to Polinsky is the relationship between the overall benefits of a situation and the total costs of the same. Get more background information with materials from Starbucks Drive-Thru. Well, as the relationship with the size of the pie, while equity will depend on how it is distributed. IX. the AED autopsy.-in his work analyzing the analysis autopsy of the AED by Civil law (August 2006) Mario Castillo Freyre and Ricardo Vasquez Kunze, so criticize supported the doctrine of Austrian School of F.A. Hayeck, considering that their ultimate goal is not efficiency, but, the promotion and protection of the rights and individual freedoms. which is in contrast to the objective of civil law that is based on your nature of welfare and social. They claim that the reign of the reign of the civil law has no successor. Such work, it is not a criticism to the AED, is rather a defense against the disrepute (as well as their destruction) attributed to traditional forms of interpretation of law as obsolete, useless and up Jurassic forms.