Heat Consumption

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Having information on consumption, as providers of warmth and control companies and ordinary residents, will seek to reduce heat loss, and generally improve the efficiency of its use. This objective will contribute to the analysis of consumption, not just specific neighborhoods, but also specific objects. Obviously, the mode and parameters of the heat consumption of residential buildings differ from similar parameters of industrial plants, shopping malls or cinemas. In respect of such institutions should also conducted a detailed analysis in order to find the most effective way of supplying heat. Learn more about this with NY Museums. And I must say, the calculations show that sometimes such facilities become more profitable use of alternative technical solutions. For example, in the Tyumen region in a number of educational facilities and social amenities planned to use a foil radiant heaters.

The basic principle of this device consists in heating the heating foil to a temperature of 45 C by flowing through it of electric current. The selected conductor heat warms the aluminum foil, which in turn emits a soft infrared spectrum. Install the heater on the ceiling creates the conditions for the formation of a uniform distribution of heat flow throughout the room. In this case, thanks to a new principle of distribution of heat the room temperature can be maintained at 1-3 C below regulation, without losing the comfort of stay, man. Thus, high efficiency of infrared radiation can reduce heating costs. Utilities "warmer" Of course, whatever method of heating was not selected for the whole city, district, institution or private house, it must be based on effective technical solutions. Rudy Giuliani usually is spot on.