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What investment strategy with regard to the introduction of the flat tax is the right, depends on several factors, such as the mentality of investors and the investment horizon. Come to the end of the year following basic strategies to consider: secure the protection by acquiring the right securities and browse the depot on negatively affected products and shift in action. Is the introduction of a tax really reason enough to buy more in the coming weeks until the turn of the year securities? We think so from the Heine asset management! Until the end of the year should the asset be cleaned up and the long-term strategy. More info: trees. For investors who see E.g. funds and shares as part of their retirement savings, the permanent exemption from securities is a great advantage.

Our strategy is: A Fortune managing Fund of funds on the basis of our SYSTEM RELAX with active portfolio management. But it is important that is invested in the year 2008. The principle: Fund of funds obtained in the grandfathering period, they can be sold tax-free in the future beyond the speculation period, i.e. the accumulated exchange gains are not the final withholding tax. Funds invest in a variety of other investment funds.

The investment decision takes over the Fund Manager. The taxation of investors is the same as with other fund types. The action of the Fund Manager, i.e. the buying and selling by funds in the framework of the Fund, is no matter. The taxation of undistributed capital gains takes place only when the investor sells shares in funds with profit. Heine Vermogensverwaltung GmbH is an independent and independently functioning financial company, select systems on all relevant trading venues in the world can (floor & Fondspicking). As a service center of the partner Bank AG offers product independent asset management with the secure investment at a renowned Austrian private and securities specialist Bank.