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That is, will of more strong, of that it is in the top of the hierarchy, that if it judges worthier, is always the one that prevails in this type of organization. is not difficult to conclude that this spirit of submission is not a praiseworthy virtue in a community where if says to primar for the valuation of the next one, for justice, the equality and, mainly, the truth. Nor neither it is an acceptable behavior in an environment where all must consider brothers. Evidently, in an equality environment, where all are recognized exactly in one level and in one exactly platform, as the message of the Evangelho preceitua, neither does not have space for this feeling of inferiority and nor for behavior submisso. Where all are seen with the same rights, with the same obligations, the same limitations, the same privileges, the same values and the same lacks, also it cannot have superiority feeling.

But it must have always the mutual respect enters the members of the community. here, the ideas and the wills alone prevail will have been armed with coherence and of razoabilidade, therefore, the truth does not submit to the hierarchic position of individual some. It is friend of the reason, common-sense and the wisdom. In contrast to where she has obedience and submission, the ideas and the wills prevail because of the power, of the authority, the force and of the flaunter superiority of it imposes who them. On the other hand, the believer, under the regimen of obedience to the determination of its superiors, develops a close fear of if not to find deserving you reward of them, the sky, or the church. the institutionalized church always used this superstitious resource to submit the Christians to its ditames. It always tried to infundir a species of psychological terror in the fidiciary offices regarding the terrors of the hell, of the ferocity of the devil and the imminence of curses, in case of disobedience to the rules of the church.