House Income

2015-01-17 - 17:45 | News | Tags: |

As said by Mr. Bill Quain Professor of marketing. Are you paying per purchase? Consumers believe that by buying with discount they are getting some benefit by this, is generally thought to be a wise purchase, however objectively the consumer continues to draw money from your Pocket without receiving anything in return. Some interesting questions that could help us to better understand this concept would be: where you buy your products, you pay for it? Shop, supermarket, or whatever generates you a cheque to make ends meet by the consumption of their products? For example, if you were a soft drinks business owner. You beberias one at the winery or store in the corner of your House? As you know those involved in MLM or networks they always apply this principle. They consume products or services and receive economic benefits for this reason, it is what we normally call you income. What happens is that perhaps us becomes a bit difficult to digest the concept, but is that actually, eye that not only INCOME is that you receive as income earned (in case of being an employee) or that you can receive by the rental of any property. You can get income from percentages of commissions that you can get from a network of the consumption of which you belong.

I.e. that consume you and your sponsored, generating income to your pocket, your consumption generate you income for you by being a member, and the consumptions of your affiliates also generate you revenue for you, it’s that simple. Recalls, in the era of information and knowledge there are many opportunities that we can leverage, be prosumer is one of them, we must get used to consider this as part of our lives and thus make us an income which can help us to change our lifestyle, being prosumers gives us the power to generate our own income, if we work only for the salary, you are giving this power to the employer.