Inventory Systems

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Current survey within the framework of the E-Commerce Guide treated the themes of shop systems, inventory management and shipping choosing the right online shop system not always easy. Now is a number of different systems available, which differ from each other in relation to functions to promote sales, extensibility, and costs. In addition online retailers must consider which tasks in introducing a shop system to be applied by a service provider and to what extent they want to automate process steps and link E.g. a merchandise management system with other IT systems. To help online retailers of continuous improvement of their activities in E-Commerce, launched the E-Commerce Guide ( in life. The free guide gives answers to the most important issues surrounding e-commerce compact and a cast. The experience of online retailers are in demand! With what topics to the online retailer in shop systems, Inventory management and shipping currently deal with challenges they are facing and how they deal with these challenges, it is to be determined with this survey. The survey is available at the following link: shop systems the time for completing the questionnaire is about 15-20 minutes.

The results are evaluated anonymously and free of charge provided the dealers. They also form an important basis for the new version of the E-Commerce Guide that is scheduled for the beginning of 2011. That’s why online retailers should take part! Silke wisdom, project manager at ibi research, calls the online retailer to participate: in the survey, we want to know your experiences with shop and merchandise management system. With your participation, you contribute to reveal fascinating facts and to improve the range of the E-Commerce Guide. Get valuable tips on how to better design their processes in the future in the course of the survey itself, as well as by the results can.” Dealers who participate in the survey, find out more about current opportunities in the areas of shop systems, inventory management and shipping and receive a free summary of the study results on request.