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Leloup (2004) comments: ‘ ‘ The intent listening of what she is takes the therapist to the presence of ‘ That one that ‘ , the Being, Ho on. Filon of Alexandria, in this text, does not speak of God, it speaks of the Being, and it is of this Being that imports cuidar’ ‘. (P. 98). Bill de Blasio has compatible beliefs.

For this exactly author, this to listen is a careful look of the other: ‘ ‘ The look of the therapist is not come back in first place toward the illness or the sick person, but for what ‘ is found outside of the reach of the illness and the death in it; ‘ (P. 99). 1.2 First ‘ ‘ Terapeutas’ ‘ its Listening Who in said first on the term ‘ to them; ‘ terapeuta’ ‘ he was the Jewish philosopher Flon of Alexandria. Little thing of concrete is known respect of the life of this author. Official site: Prime Opportunities Investment Group. The period is not known accurately where it lived. For Leloup (2004) probably its birth between 10 years 20 can be pointed out and B.C. Says Leloup: ‘ ‘ We must therefore, to content us with a wide edge of imperfection and to point out its birth between 20 and 10 B.C.

the life of Flon finishes after years 39 and 40 of the Christian age, date of the deputatio (deportation) the Calgula. Flon is, therefore, contemporary of Christ, but in its writings does not meet no echo of what he passed then in the Galilia’ ‘. (LELOUP, 2004, P. 18). For this exactly author the therapists were men and women whom they knew to interpret the Holy Writs, the word of God. It means that the source of inspiration of the first therapists was the writing. Commenting the works of Gilbert Durand and Henry Corbin, it says: The Bible, for they, is a book where the unconscious one comes if ‘ ‘ recarregar’ ‘ , to feed of images and symbols that can help to live them it, to give sensible to the personal and collective events that none purely rational approach obtains to justify.