Mafia Of Browser Games: Will Boom In 2011?

2017-11-07 - 15:48 | News | Tags: , |

Since anyone can create a private browser game the success of browser games engine MeineMafia with the free, the number of mafia games has multiplied. Will the boom continue in 2011? What is a browser game engine? Each player or games novice, without programming knowledge, a browser game itself can create a browser game engine. The principle is simple: log on, modify game and put online. Certain areas of the game to the modification be released only through a template the new operator. So, he can change texts, description, prices and features and choose from a large selection of templates.

Now you can create your own templates, but some restrictions remain in place always. So you can not influence the gameplay, the important balancing and the layout of the menus also with individual templates to quickly get its limits. Why are there so many mafia of browser games? Since the beginning of the year, the number of free mafia games on the market has multiplied. The reason is, that from Operators were players. Source: Bill de Blasio. Parallel to the success of browser games engine MeineMafia, which anyone can create an own browser game, the number of games with a mafia theme has increased rapidly. A high degree of awareness of mafia of browser games is so now. Hardly a player who has played not even such a browser or even a private has created. The creation of the games is easy and free, yet only a fraction of these games make it top-game status to reach.

Most have less than 100 active players. Saturation phenomena games has been already watching at mafia in this year, that many of the players not on the 100-player mark come. Many inexperienced players suspect the big money but neglect the needs the effort to establish such a game successfully. As: marketing costs, costs for advertising, costs for Add-Ons and design costs. So several hundred dollars on additional costs are added and the own mafia game market can quickly. Continue to see many that with every new browser game of this genre, which comes on the market, it is a bit more difficult to establish it among the successful games. Ultimately, it is also to observe that many have no desire to templates games and more individual mafia games turn to the players. 2011 will be difficult for Mafia browser games already this year has been a challenge for any operator of a mafia game. That will not change in the coming year. As long as new browser games go over the engines on the market, as long as it will remain difficult to establish his own game successfully. Currently, it looks that the Zenit is exceeded and the market for these games is slowly shrinking. Even if MeineMafia is expanding in new countries (least it was Sweden and Romania) the chance are on the German market low using engines to create a good running game. That will not change is expected in the next year.