Major Maintenance Contract

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KONE is the company responsible for maintenance of all elevators and escalators installed in subway stations in the Swedish capital. And is that the brand has made a contract for six years, beginning on January 1, 2010, for the maintenance of the 362 lifts and 372 escalators with which account this transportation network. “We appreciate the confidence that the Metropolitan Transport Company in Stockholm has placed in us to help them achieve their goals of providing a world-class system for its customers,” says Noud Veeger, EVP and director of Central and Northern Europe for KONE. “Our services and the maintenance is based on modules” Modular Based Maintenance and KONE eOptimum that creates added value for the company transports Metropolitan Stockholm and its customers, particularly in the field of flow management of people. ” A network with a long history KONE’s pride for having made this agreement is for less. The subway began operations in 1950 and now supports more than 700,000 people move around the metropolitan area of Stockholm. It also includes 108 km of rails, comprises 7 lines and 100 stations in total and has a long history in creating a cost-effective way to meet the needs of the city for a public transportation system efficient and environmentally friendly .

In terms of progress and install KONE products indicate that they are two: KONE Modular Based Maintenance is an advanced preventative maintenance service that takes into account many technical characteristics and specific customer requirements. On the basis of these KONE, developed with the client a single maintenance plan for each piece of equipment in order to optimize equipment performance and maintenance quality. EOptimum KONE is an online maintenance tool for lifts, escalators and automatic doors. With this new tool, customers can automatically receive reports by e-mail or check the invoice history online maintenance. Also provides real time tracking of work in progress and information on past maintenance activities. Who’s KONE KONE’s objective is to provide the best experience to individuals through the development and delivery of solutions that enables people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting in buildings in an environment where the urbanization process increases progressively. KONE provides its customers industry-leading elevators, escalators and innovative solutions for maintenance and upgrades and is one of the world leaders in their sector. In 2008, KONE had annual sales of EUR 4.6 billion and more than 34 800 workers. The KONE class B shares are traded on the Nasdaq ONX Fillandia Helsinki ltd. Note to journalists: For any help or extra material that you need not hesitate to contact us.