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Many people in the life exist that suffers, that it passes for moments dificies and in this phase of difficulty that they come close themselves to God in search of a solution for its problems, God proves who it loves so that the people can achegar It. God this always our wait, waiting an attitude ours so that It if makes gift, It is always pertinho, we who we do not exergamos, because in the search of the things substances in them we become flesh times in this world, to have the presence you is necessary to be spiritual, because God is spirit and it he only says to the hearts spirituals. God sees in them of a so pretty form and wonderful, It he loves in them and he takes care of of us, exactly finding that God is not heard you, It never forgets a son its. The times exist certain difficult situations to support, everything seem impossible and we think that our problem is great forgets the largeness of God, there we find that it did not hear then of the one will to cry, but when we look at for the high one comes the aid and God hears in them, it listening its conjuncts and he takes care of to you, everything it is possible is enough to you to believe that it can make infinitely more. You are workmanship cousin Mr., loved of its soul. He believes that ours Sir is capable to make any thing for a son its, is as much that gave to its only son Jesus Christ to die in our place, this was bigger test of love that existed in the land. Alive to each day and he cultivates the love of God between the people, does not leave that the sadness to afflict comes you, either strong trusts Mr., and looks at for the high one dives in waters of the love of God, makes as Nam dived in waters and was purificado of its leprosy, you can be purificado of any illness. .