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Why is the look at used software always worth Aachen 11.10.2011 SAP users, the overview at the SAP license terms may be sometimes lost. The current PKL (price and condition list) and terms of use are changed at regular intervals. In addition turns out in practice, that the current documents are not advertised to individual decision makers. The result: users unwittingly conclude contracts at unfavourable conditions. In this Miss situation, an old generation of users has already”found. Through intensive discussion and negotiation, some succeeded in achieve favorable contract conditions for your company. New users can benefit from today, when they put on a used software contract. Danny Meyer describes an additional similar source. Because this way they acquire a result of some years of experience and negotiating.

Companies that are interested in SAP software, must be active yourself, to achieve the best possible conditions. Get help for example, by they themselves with used software employ. For one, they get a good deal for a contract that has at least 43% discount when compared to the original price. On the other hand, customers receive as insight into conditions that were the individual SAP users so not yet known. This knowledge can strengthen the negotiating position of the user”, explains Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand.

After all, you can learn which conditions with SAP are realistic subject, where large companies over small benefit firsthand, and vice versa etc. Who takes this knowledge and renegotiated with SAP, can realize savings in the five-digit amount. No theoretical goals are, but result from practice of years of.” Potential analysis: How can conditions improve? We even determine that active companies do not know the current possibilities of price list”, so Williams next. Financial potential will be given away here. That’s why we offer our potential analysis. The goal is simple: there are five Set screws”, to make a SAP contract expensive or inexpensive. “