Men Singing Different – Women Anyway

2021-04-30 - 06:26 | News | Tags: , |

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. But is the also the subject of shopping the truth? The Suddeutsche Zeitung journalist Astrid Becker interviewed four experts from four generations to do this in advance: employees of HANAMI, the world’s biggest fashion house. It became clear: men shop differently than women. HANAMI’s this thesis together with, official city portal, now on the ground. Since September 26, 2012, a survey which takes the shopping behavior of men and women under the magnifying glass is on the facebook page of “In the current journal focus man” were interviewed by HIRMER, four employees about their personal experiences with shoppenden men. Particularly interesting here: all four have different positions, different old and hence different experiences and perspectives. The focus are Catherine Benedict (trainees), Karin Wohlgemuth (Cashier), David Thomas (/ buyers of head of Department) and Robert Greil (Sales Manager).

The basic tenor, which does a is, that Men and women are of course different, but increasingly something to adjust. One of the biggest surprise is that some women pay even for their men might. You can read more interesting stories and experiences in the journal on the site. However, begs the question whether this experience actually cover with the picture of the general public. “To find out exactly, HIRMER launched a survey together with on 26 September 2012: how buys you prefer?” Of course even the ladies of creation may join because you know that eventually most exactly. Giving away as additional during the survey period a 500 euro voucher by HIRMER. Just join in the current game app on Facebook.

The voucher can be redeemed at the headquarters in Munich, chewable finger 28, as well as online at. Closing date for entries is 29 September 2012. contact: Janina Maisel Tel. 089 / 679712-670 of municipalities GmbH & co. KG chewable finger 28 80331 Munich