Metropolitan Opera

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The historic city center is Manhattan, and later joined by areas such as the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn. Inside Manhattan, too, can identify their specific areas, such as Harlem. However, without a guide and an extensive group of tourists, there better not go. You will go down better in the local underground! Impressions will be slightly less. This is the oldest subway in all states, it is literally "stitches" all areas of the city. And in this case produces a very strange impression – once it becomes clear that the man who called New York "stone jungle "was inspired by another and a view of the local subway.

However, the residents themselves of anything unusual in his underground do not see and even proud of it. Support laudable patriotism of New Yorkers and buy his girlfriend a gift bag imprinted on her subway map. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Restaurateur on most websites. You can choose an elegant clutch, which is rapidly gaining in popularity recently, or gym bag, which is matched perfectly with jeans. The important thing is that you can not gift bag is empty. So, it is absolutely necessary to put the disc cult for women series "Sex and the City." Not so long ago left his full-length version, which is a deluxe edition of the story of four friends from New York. Ok, now ready to present.

Store of patience: doing away with the enthusiastic squeal, your half certainly zasyadet for reviewing your favorite painting. General of New York lifted a lot of worthy films, and he himself City pleased with the art. On Broadway, there are many theaters in the city are kept up all sorts of shows, celebrity dream to perform at the Metropolitan Opera and in Carnegie Hall, and the phrase "Broadway musical" has become a sign of excellent quality. Bring your best friend gift album of his favorite musical. In addition to the disc recording of music and videos in this beautiful album, there are published photos actors involved in the formulation of creative biography, the libretto of the musical texts and its rooms. This is a wonderful edition to conquer the hearts of any music lover. From now on, your friend will not only listen to Broadway his favorite musical, when he pleases, but also flaunt knowledge about the history of performances and performers. Yes, in New York City can spend the whole trip. Especially taking into account that even the capital of New York is far less populated and extensive. However unfairly given all the attention but the Big Apple, especially since so it is possible to deprive yourself of many interesting things. For example, visits to the Museum of Photography in Rochester, or the famous Woodstock, famous for the glorious days of rock 'n' roll. And the main jewel of the state, many are outshining even the Big Apple – Niagara. One may try to describe the beauty of this giant waterfall Located on the border with Canada. You can tell how a flash of rainbow in the drops of water and the tiniest mist, like the lightest veil rests on her hair and shoulders But all this splendor is better to see for yourself. But it is not means that you can throw the camera and camcorder, shoot everything, buy calendars and posters with views of Niagara. And start planning the next trip, which begins a visit to the town of Niagara Falls and you will certainly take their loved ones.