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Modern technological advances in the industry is inextricably linked with the improvement of welding production. Welding as a high-production process permanent joints are widely use in the manufacture of metallurgical, chemical and power generation equipment, various pipelines, machinery, production of construction and other structures. Welding – just as essential process, as well as metal cutting, casting, forging, stamping. Big technological capabilities welding ensured its widespread use in the manufacture and repair of ships, auto mobiles, aircraft, turbines, boilers, reactors, bridges and other structures. Prospects for welding both in scientific and technical terms are limitless. Its use contributes to improve the engineering and development of missile, nuclear energy, electronics. On the possibility of "electric sparks for metal melting even in 1753, says academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences demic gr Richman in studies of atmospheric electricity.

In 1802, Professor St. Petersburg Military Academy of surgical V. Petrov discovered the electric arc and to indicate possible areas of its practical use. However, it took many years of joint efforts of scientists and engineers, aimed at creating a source nick of energy required to implement the process of electric welding. An important role in creating these sources nick played discoveries and inventions in the field of magnetism and electricity.