Modern Between Capitalism

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Even today where the child already in the well has fallen, the policy is working the wells with the help of savings packages deepen…… Lonely Finance Ministers are to increase even with all their self righteousness and virtue, chaos. The time is stopped. In the West nothing new. The word Kapisolist is a Recoinage and should refer to a person, which is located between two systems, between capitalism and socialism. We met these two systems only as hostile to -, contradicting in itself. A typical example was the Soviet Union and the United States (United States), in which an extreme enmity co-existed (cold war) almost, with the help of A bomb that had destroyed humanity. For both systems, gave and there is no place in the political landscape. The contrasts are simply insurmountable. Is that really the case? Fact is that the Socialist idea remain in full despite his overcoming capitalism, exists. This is fuel for an attractive risk and namely, that a new Socialist revolt, revolution. Capitalism believes democracy that risk, having overcome the uprising, with the magic word. It’s not that capitalism is the way to disassemble itself and to open all barriers for a new revolt. Capitalism and democracy manifested by him, that is not so, as it defines the word democracy, has lasted only so long, how newly democratic States and not the capitalist prevail. Quote: Definition of democracy: the term democracy comes from the Greek language and means “Rule of the (common) people”. The ancient democracies in Athens and Rome represent precursors of today’s democracies and emerged like this in response to excessive abundance of power and abuse of power of the rulers. But only in the Enlightenment (17th and 18th century) philosopher formulated the essential elements of a modern democracy: separation of powers, fundamental rights – human rights, freedom of religion and separation of Church and State. This simple definition of Democracy means that the power comes from the people. We find this basic statement in the text of article 20 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and in the constitutions of the democratic States. Quote at the end: this democratic idea is since permanently insist these democracies of the capital Assembly unterminated. It is ready, that the people called by various political parties not people or citizens, but citizens. Quote: Definition of citizens: in ancient times a belonging to the persons equipped with political decision-making powers acquired by birth. In the middle ages, the free fully legitimate inhabitants of a city, only traders and merchants who formed in addition to the nobility and clergy, a social and political stand. Belonging to the bourgeoisie was connected with certain privileges, the rights of citizenship was hereditary. No civil rights had as Jews, arms, and the servants. The concept of the citizen, now including Publisher, bankers are changed during the time of absolutism and Scholar professions included and became the institution of technical and economic development. The classic age of the bourgeoisie began with the Declaration of independence of the United States of America, the French Revolution and the recognition of general human and civil rights. The development of the nation State and the demise of the bourgeoisie as the social class led to the gradual replacement of the term citizen by the name of citizens. Citizens this term refers to the social middle class even today. Quote at the end: the word citizen, citizens, replaced by the Word includes in fact a hierarchy like downgrading of the people into two classes. To the common people, the citizens and on the other hand the. When a politician speaks to the citizens, so not everyone is meant thus and not unintentionally happens it is wanted. The social middle class that is meant, and addressed, is the guarantee for the existence of capitalism. The hierarchical sequence is Citizens (ordinary people, which approximately accounts for 81% of the population, income up to 1,844 euro gross per month, about 23% less than 800 euros). Now comes the citizens (approximately 19% of the population with incomes above the 1,844 euro). Ultimately, we have still the mighty, the capital (income and number in the population not known, mostly anonymous, there are estimates that move between 1-3%). Is the bourgeoisie, weakened by wrong policy and the poverty that threatens the capital automatically loses power and substance. In this way, we find ourselves at the moment. More and more citizens will lose their social status and are on the way to develop simple people. This process is unstoppable in progress. Particularly well can be seen that the pensioners, where the demographic factor accelerating this development. At the same time, the Socialist thought is developed in this process. People who lived under socialism and have now arrived in gebandigten capitalism, lose their trust in the high estimated Capitalism and make the role backwards. You can watch this at our East German compatriots, where the left one develops to the people’s Party number. In the West of Germany, the left has already started moving into almost all national parliaments. Never did just a few years ago, the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). The fact is that this development expanded to slowly and surely. Our children, Hartz IV on water holds youth and adolescents, which speaks out in large part by social assistance, and is totally neglected, will strengthen this process. These young people who have no future and still find themselves off, going from pure instinct of self-preservation on the barricades. This is to and is not fear-mongering, but reflects only the history of the last century. A revolutionary repetition of history should and must not be. Evolution instead of revolution would be the way out. Evolution, in the economic sense is only possible using eminent high financial and personnel in the fields of Social Affairs, education, Science, innovation and not least in integration into society, grass-roots classes neglected who (so no Muslims are meant as Sarrazin, but all neglected citizens). The currently available resources or the few pennies, better said – are not worth as a means to be known. The household coffers are empty after the last financial crisis and to create debt oversized and never out of the world. The exception is a few Nations with high social standard such as the Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark also. The word social Standart tells us why this is so. Had attached itself to all nations of this policy, the social standard of the named countries and for taking a sample, we would have the whole mess not and healthy domestic markets and not this oversized debts, which can pay back any more. At least for the next 50 years and in such periods to dispose, as it happens just often the personalized is bullshit. Also today where the Child has fallen in the well, works to widen the policy because the wells with the help of savings packages. Lonely Finance Ministers are to increase even with all their self righteousness and virtue, chaos. The time is stopped. In the West nothing new. At this moment, a man shapes the word Kapisolist in conjunction with a text (“renewable means of payment”) on a political forum. He introduced the concept of what it still is not, as a connecting link between capitalism and socialism, with the help of a vision. Yes – I know if someone has visions that he should go to the doctor. This saying were true, Einstein would be been locked up probably for life in a psychiatric institution. Is it possible to create a Kapisolismus, where the capital and social claim, in the sense of community combine and thus two political systems there to pacify, which would complement each other (not comes from the Greek, did not yet exist). This could be the solution, because all political reservations and imperfections connection would be with this. Political boundaries (boundaries) would fall. Such a solution would end forever the eternal war in politics and between rich and poor. Such a connection would make peace in the truest sense of the word. As it can be and is carried out is described in the texts by renewable means of payment. A big meeting need of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise, you need the present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems must be sought, a new world and world order in democracy and a United policy in peace for all.