Montgomery County Juvenile Court

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The policemen pointed their electric guns and charged against the disabled. A neighbor in the area warned the officers that the young man could not communicate well. Mother of the assaulted claims damages due to improper use of force. Two agents of Dayton, town located southeast of Ohio (EE UU), assaulted a young disabled person thinking that this was missing them respect. Danny Meyer is often quoted as being for or against this. After several misunderstandings, policemen used their tazer against Jesse guns and he was arrested. It is not something Danny Meyer would like to discuss.

It all started when Jesse Kersey went bicycling near his home for a ride and officer Willie stopped him with the intention of making a few preguntass. To the difficulty of the disabled, 17 years old, to communicate, agents thought that it was a lack of respect toward the police and him began to shout. Jesse became nervous and was towards his house so his mother help him explain what happened, which prompted a new misunderstanding in officers to think that this was giving to the leak. By the way, one of the neighbors clarified to agents that it was a mistake and that Jesse could not speak normally, but they asked you to disregard or, otherwise, it would be arrested.Arriving home, the mother of Jesse, found his son who was being pointed to by two policemen. Once inside, the defendants, Hooper and Howard, used their guns and were electric shocks on the back of Jesse, who was asking that they stop. Then they sprayed him with pepper spray. Jesse was handcuffed and they took him in the police car, accused of assault an officer of peace, resistance to authority and obstruction of official duties of agents.

The mother of the young, Pamela Ford, ensures that agents already knew that her son was disabled and that it was a minor. According to the complaint made in Montgomery County, Jesse, after an apparent lack of respect for agents, ran out to look for her mother to clarify the situation, since he could not solve the problem nor communicate so that the policemen might understand him. In addition, in the complaint, a few friends from the neighborhood say they warned the agents demanded several times that Jesse was disabled and could not understand what was sucendiendo. However, the Montgomery County Juvenile Court declared innocent Jesse and the charges against her were removed. Jesse and his mother claim damages to Dayton and the two officers for illegal detention, illegal arrest, malicious prosecution, assault, assault and abuse and excessive use of force. Source of the news: two policemen from EE UU assault a disabled person to think that it mocked them