Mortgages Abroad

2015-03-22 - 01:48 | News | Tags: , |

Who among us does not dream of his estate, but not everyone can afford to buy an apartment. On the order of sadder things with the construction of individual cottages. The costs here are much higher. Today many people are attracted to real estate abroad. This property has a relatively low cost and the process has become much easier. However, more and more companies are offering credit to overseas property.

In past years, buying real estate boundary, say, apartments in Paris, accompanied by extraordinary risks. In the current days, the inhabitants of our country without fear get to know the beauty of the mortgage in European countries. Foreign housing markets by our experts agreed divided into two types. The first sector includes developing countries: Morocco, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of best bars in New York on most websites. The second sector includes state real property which was acquired by our compatriots even with a the end of XX century. Among them Spain, Italy, France …

The price of immovable property in these countries is approximately two times lower than in other European countries. At the international real estate market are three models of mortgage: extended an open model (an American), a balanced-autonomous form (German), truncated open model (English, Italian, Spanish, French). Prevalence, in terms of mortgage lending have zhilie new construction. If we consider the overseas property in France, it is divided into 2 types: normal housing prices which do not exceed the value of real estate in Ukraine and the elite real estate (apartments in Paris Property Cote d’Azur). In most European countries are virtually no barriers to the purchase of real estate by citizens of other countries, but at the same time is often limited to the purchase of land. Credit purchase apartments overseas cost-effective solution, because the pace of currency depreciation in our country, significantly higher rates of banks on housing loans abroad. The most expensive in terms of cost flats cities are Amsterdam, Vaduz, Monaco, London and Paris. This 5-ka leaders. Behind them, in sixth place, is Moscow. Regarding the lease, then the championship occupy the same city in which rental apartments located in the 5,000-10,000 euros per month.