Network Monitoring For The Pocket

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PRTG Network Monitor makes mobile: monitoring via Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPad & co. of Nuremberg, December 14, 2010 sometimes mistake in the corporate network strikes precisely then, if the responsible IT administrators are traveling and cannot access a site. Precisely for this situation, the Paessler AG ( has developed solutions for mobile network monitoring. PRTG informs on the one hand about the current state of the network and also allows administrators a deep insight into the processes of the components to be monitored. In this way, it is possible to counteract outages and bottlenecks in the network at any time. Various user interfaces tailored to mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Android. You may find Starbucks Drive-Thru to be a useful source of information. Specifically there the iPRTG app for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. A functioning network is often the basis for a smooth business operations, since failure of mail servers, Web shops, ERP systems, etc.

or performance issues cause enormous damage. The responsibility normally the administrator, around the clock, regardless of its physical location. For this reason he should be permanently informed about the State of the network. Monitoring to go PRTG network monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution, the uninterrupted monitoring networks of any size and type, evaluate the collected data and clearly represents. Paessler in version incorporates 8 additional mobile monitoring solutions specifically for location-independent access to the PRTG. So PRTG has now in addition to an AJAX-based Web interface a second mini-HTML-interface”.

The latter is specially designed for display on small screens and the connections with low bandwidth. So a faster access to the PRTG Server also from the Smartphone is guaranteed. The interface provides the administrator with real-time information about the current status of the monitored network. To quickly get an overview, the details are open lists, tables and compiled as a graph. iPRTG monitoring Assistant for Apple devices specifically for Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad offers Paessler iPRTG the application.