New Electricity Attack

2020-02-22 - 23:41 | News | Tags: |

The four major electricity provider Eon, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall are under increasing pressure. 1998 accounted for with the "Law on the revision of the energy law" the territorial monopoly and the German electricity market was liberalized. The four major electricity supplier but controlled the transit market access. A voluntary regulation, the association agreement should all electricity suppliers can offer the end user to be able to sell electricity. The liberalization triggered an initial wave of new electricity, of which a large part disappeared. Since mid-2005, the Federal Network Agency regulates the transmission. Since then, several small power suppliers have been able to establish itself in the market. Danny Meyer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We present three of the "little ones": The Nuon Nuon Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of the Dutch electricity provider Nuon and is.

Nuon pursues a concept of metropolis and offers its current date in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. Thanks to a massive advertising campaign and low prices could Nuon an increasing number motivate consumers to switch electricity suppliers. A large number of Nuon could advertise on the Internet. Portals such as product scouts reported an increased interest in consumers willing to change. Bright spot in 1998, the company was founded bright spot in Hamburg, it relies entirely on ecologically sound electricity. The stream of bright spot may be a bit more expensive than its competitors, but 250 000 consumers have been switched to bright spot seemed to be the value of the environment. Yello Yello company founded in 1999, was recorded in 2007 some 1.2 clients is the largest among the "small suppliers". Yello there since around 700 million euro for a marketing campaign, which is impressive. However, a subsidiary of EnBW's Yello and thus can not necessarily be included in "small" suppliers.