New Internet Presence

2020-04-01 - 15:18 | News | Tags: |

The new homepage of sailor LANGSLOW – finally they arrived! Sailor LANGSLOW and his piano of Schiffer – the maritime atmosphere of our waterfront she is finally here, sailor of LOSCHIs new Internet presence. It took something, to embark on a new course, but considering that the sails were set often in recent times, and the wind that drove him in the other corners of the country so it was forgiven. The big trips over the stormy oceans are already some tide and the anchor firmly moored in the homeland, but still he moved north up to South, always orders his customers coming to, to bring the maritime atmosphere of the waterfront over there. And this not only with his Schifferklavier owned unto him, how the wind towards the sea, but he tells also of his richly experienced adventures on the stormy oceans and in foreign ports where much with a stiff breeze is garnished wit and powerful Seemannsgarn, and also the fun not neglected. This is not about the Gross register of a ship or the history of seafaring, that would be the task of Wikipedia, but a break from dreary everyday life and immerse in an evening full of fun and singing. You can read this now also on its redesigned Internet platform, of course not in his whole explosiveness, but quite a bit of fun factors can imagine. Gives us space to spin yarn sustained his biography but there is but the truth at its core. It is actually the seed was planted, and to penetrate to the core, there are still quite a few gigs.

True, however, that his grandfather was musician, and his sailor father. New York Museums pursues this goal as well. It not surprise us, if in the mix is well managed. As he balanced on the cliffs between maritime and entertainment, pure entertainment, for 15 years and is touring not only on the (ship) planks, which mean the world, but is on the way with his ample repertoire and its always good mood in the inland. An evening with him is always very entertaining, enjoyable and memorable. So don’t hesitate look over on his new website and leave inspired and enchanted by his charming, bawdy art, always a funny saying on the lips, a sailor song on the Squeezebox and always a Handspan of water over the keel. V. Loffler