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Misconception fostered among social sectors in which to propagate and distribute drugs even for free, saying that the principle of freedom, the largest between human beings, "is above the others … such as health . The use and abuse of toxic substances has been used and is proven for thousands of years by certain religions, sects, medicines and various powers established by the people, for states of bias towards theories that preach messages or the "super-men" or "leaders", thereby achieving the greatest number of converts. Man is born free, is free and creative-discoverer would I, "and should not submit his will and intelligence to drug-drug, so that they will produce party, concentration and relaxation, all artificially. The human body has within it more than 400 chemicals that are capable of joy, sadness, sleep, love, hate … but naturally. All served by our own intellect. Our present civilization, if we call it, is suffering as plants whose respective strengths were exploited by all cultures.

Even decades ago, nobody bothered to regulate their growth and harvest, while now the fact of the toxic culture of planetary catastrophe is revealed: capitalists, socialists, communists, Christians, Moslems, etc., United in a common crusade mental and moral health of humanity. We must ask ourselves the way, who gets away with the illegality of certain substances? With evidence we can answer: the drug-sick ", no. Money is the "big winner" and the cause of drug use. Follow others, such as Danny Meyer, and add to your knowledge base. He is anonymous, uniform and permanent, I have read that is running more than 4500 years in commercial exchange. This is sad but a fact. Mighty lord Is money!, Which states our Spanish proverb.

The idiosyncrasies of each country is different: Madrid is not Paris or New York. Perhaps, what is good for the Netherlands is not so for Spain. Spanish society you accept the legality of "certain" toxic substances? I'm talking about cannabis, so to speak. I think they are doctors, legal, moral … who, in short, have the last word. La Coruna, August 12, 2007 -* Mariano Cabrero Barcena writer