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The resume in mine sees to give to subject to the chance of the pupil to know its culture better and if to adapt the changes that occur in them. ? (Questionnaire, done question to one pedagogo that leciona in 5 year of the college I publish of Year-old calves) As we can sees the theoreticians of the critical theory says that the solution is the opposition and resistance of the professors to fight for its autonomy to teach of critical and reflexiva form, where the market and the state do not dictate the rules to be able to dominate the people more easily, therefore the base of the nation is the education. For the tracionais professors thus it is and thus always it will be cannot have changes, therefore, who said to the rules is the capitalist market; the education is preparing the pupils for the market in mechanist way, the two vises is antagonistic. eady – you may have come to the same conclusion. Answering the question made in the present article: the resume serves as instrument of domination through the education? The theoreticians of the critical theory of the resume are unanimous in saying that yes, that they exist this domination that stops many is imperceptible, therefore, it is worked in the education through some capitals: symbolic, ideological and economic. Already for the professors who had been questioning they find that this cultural domination through the resume does not exist as domination tool. .