New Zealand Program

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Carpe diem sprachreisen presents new catalogs 2011 for students aged 8-18 years carpe diem from 2011 worldwide additional locations on Malta, in France, Spain, Italy, Canada and the United States offers. With a new freestyle program specifically for 16-18 year old adolescent language holidays can experience together with like minded, independent young people. In addition to language teaching and a leisure programme, time to relax and to independent discover of the place of course remains young people. This program on Malta, in London, New York, Valencia and Montpellier is possible. The parents & Kids program, so language holidays for the whole family, in 2011, is again in the program and is available in UK, Ireland, Malta and France. The adult program includes seven languages in over 90 locations in 23 countries worldwide. The wide range of languages is completed by the possibility to learn other 12 languages in the Haus des Lehrers worldwide next year. So for the first time exotic languages such as Arabic, Greek, can Turkish or Polish are offered in the form of tuition in the House of the teacher.

Special attention was 40 or 50 plus “courses for the elderly participants laid. in addition to offering special Internship abroad who would like to gain work experience abroad, will be in the catalog”find it. In addition to the traditional destinations such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, or New Zealand, carpe diem offers internships for Spanish, French and Chinese. internships in Florence and Milan for Italian Museumsbetreuung are again in 2011 in the program. The internship can be combined with a language course on request. Who needs a particularly intensive language training for the profession, the carpe diem sprachreisen provides a variety of options: from one-to-one, via special technical courses for certain professions (English for engineers, for lawyers etc.) up to lessons in the home of the teacher, everything is possible.

Here, individual, tailored to the needs of each participant’s products and services are created. At all Language courses the participants are varied, from the language school organized leisure activities available after class. The program participants are housed either with a host family, in the dorm, apartment or hotel. Detailed information, see our free catalogues – more kataloge.html press contact: Tanja Kuntz, PR/Marketing Tel: 02506-8303-210 pictures: photo archive