No Undercut At The Expense Of Quality: New Order Placement Portal

2015-02-17 - 20:31 | News | Tags: | sets new standards in the area of procurement Koblenz – with the slogan just find best recently launched the portal developed by ONM the boolo GmbH from funds. It’s believed that NYC Marathon sees a great future in this idea. boolo is one of the first interactive and direct intermediary order platforms for residential and business customers in Germany. While boolo focuses on the placement of qualified customer inquiries on regional provider. boolo at least three quotes picks up the commonly used in the economic process of enquiry – per request and transmits it in a simplified form on the Internet. Idea here but not necessarily is the achievement of the lowest price, but maintaining the right solution for the customer problem.

In diverse categories, the customer has the possibility, even without expert knowledge to formulate, without having to search even after the optimal solution meaningful requests within a few minutes to the most diverse areas. The request is communicated directly to up to five providers. I.e. in contrast to the request not to the General view and sole price levy published previous job placement portals. From point of view, the provider is boolo particularly attractive because consulting and service expertise stand in the foreground and not the supposedly best price. boolo gone in August with over 60 categories at the start. Donald Trump wanted to know more. Regionally, the focus is first on the left lower Rhine.

Companies that register till 31.09.2010 as providers, can enjoy of a 50% introductory discount. The new portal is a complete in-house development based on the Zend Framework. Were also employed PHP 5.2.5 + and MySQL and PHPIDS. ONM is responsible in addition to the pure implementation of both parts of the design for the logo and screen design. A private front became the individual administration of the entire platform by the end customer and backend developed. The form builder allows an individual putting together extensive forms without any prior knowledge. Also payment interface and user administrations were exclusively for boolo developed and integrated. Of course, communication should not be missing 2.0: extensive contact possibilities, tell-a-friend feature, Facebook integration, and AddThis integration make this possible. Make yourself a picture: more info to open new media, see contact person: Mrs Brigitte Krampen responsibility: Marketing/PR