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If you are looking for weekend getaways affordable, romantic cruises may just be the answer. Unless you live in the middle of a desert, there will undoubtedly be cruises of some nature within driving distance of your home. Cruising has long been associated with romance. There's nothing like being in the water, watching the world going by in tranquility. No matter if the water from a river, lake or sea? romance and cruising go hand in hand. A sunset cruise in the evening can cost less than? and be more memorable? one night "in the city." Have a sunset dinner cruise, and you have the makings of a romantic getaway unforgettable and very affordable. And these types of cruises are available throughout North America! Prolong the pleasure cruise with a cruise on the river for a day or two, perhaps along the St. Lawrence River or the Mississippi.

Boat Charters are also available for those who choose to cruise by themselves. A rental house boat cruising the lake or river near you can be an experience full of romantic adventure that will not soon forget! To add even more sparkle to your romantic getaway, how about a cruise for two or three days to the Bahamas aboard one of the magnificent cruise ships. Major cruise lines are recognizing that many potential cruisers are looking for a holiday shorter and more frequent and are adding two and three days cruise itineraries. For example, three and four-day Baja cruises provided by Carnival of Long Beach, California. Carnival also offers two day cruises from Norfolk and New York as well as three day cruises from San Diego. Maybe one day, two or three ships cruising more to their liking? How about a paddle-wheel cruise? Even operators of catamaran sailing boat can provide a fantastic cruise experience for your romantic getaway.

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